Pig vaccination for worming is carried out either orally such as Flubenol or by injection Ivomec. The worming process should start at eight weeks and then twice a year. When visiting the boar females should be wormed and then a week before farrowing to avoid the piglets being born with worms.

I know that some pig breeders vaccinate their piglets with iron. If you choose to do this then it has to be done when the piglets are three to four days old. Alternatively, I offer them turf in their pens so they can have the natural minerals and nutrients from the soil and then later on they have free access to the outside.

Erysipelas vaccine. This is a disease which is caused by a bacteria found in soil and is avoided by vaccinating the piglets at seven to eight weeks of age and then a second injection two weeks later and then every six months thereafter.

Parvo vaccine. There has been an increase since 2011 of veterinary practices offering this vaccine and is normally a combi-vaccine with Erysipelas. Administration is the same as the Erysipelas vaccination. (i have only heard of two instances of pigs with parvo.)

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