Oxford Sandy and Black Pig

I cannot stress enough the importance of pig hygiene and welfare. So many ailments and poor births are due to poor hygiene and if only keeping a few Oxford Sandy & Black pigs there is no excuse for the highest standards of animal husbandry.

The Farm Animal Welfare Council has five factors of importance.

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst having access to fresh water and a good diet aiding good health and vitality.
  • Freedom from discomfort Providing suitable environment which includes shelter and a good clean comfortable sleeping quarter
  • Freedom from injury or disease which is dealing immediately to any ailments and treating with urgency.
  • Most importantly the freedom to express most normal behaviour Providing sufficient space, good clean facilities and of course the company of other pigs
  • Freedom from fear and distress You must ensure that you have sufficient conditions and treatment to avoid mental suffering keep them stimulated and lots of interaction.
Oxford Sandy and Black Pig

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