The pig standstill is when you bring a pig onto your holding which then unables you to move pigs off or on your holding for 21 days. The reason for this is to ensure that any animals that may be harbouring a disease is identified and thus controlled and eliminated.

Sheep, Goats, and Cows impose a 6-day standstill i.e. six clear days able to move on the 7th day.

The movement licence for pigs is called an eAML2 and is complied on-line via BPEX - www.bpex-services.org.uk.

Standstill is the duration of time during which farmers/smallholders must not move any livestock having introduced a new animal on to the holding. Standstill DOES NOT apply if animals are going directly to slaughter. Also worth noting as the standstill for pigs is 20 days if pigs are moved on the holding BUT only 6 days if cattle or sheep are moved onto the premises.

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