Oxford Sandy and Black Piglet

Pigs in general are very intelligent and very inquisitive which leads them to demonstrate a wide range of behaviour patterns. They have untold ways of communication and thus have an array of sounds for different situations. They grunt, squeal (a piglets squeal can be very deafening), bark and the more you become accustomed to your Oxford Sandy & Black pig the more you become familiar with each grunt and bark and what it means.

Regularly when I pop in and visit my girls they come running towards me barking and almost jumping in the air which looks quite foreboding to anybody who doesn’t know my girls but they are showing excitement and happiness. Once in the pen with them they both come and greet me by rubbing their heads against my legs covering them in mud!

Recently I have heard Henrietta make a very strange noise that was a very low rumbling noise, which she has started to make when she feels threatened by my other sow. It is not dissimilar to a noise of an elephant. Which incidentally leads me to a similarity of the two animals. In the wild pigs will have a matriarch in the herd, they will also have a nurse maid who’s duty will be to look after the youngster when the elders of the herd go out and scout for food, water and safe places.

Henrietta has been taught to sit for things she would like and will automatically lie down in front of me before my other girl so to get her tummy tickled first! They will come when called and love to play football!

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