Pig housing can come in all sizes, shape and colours! So I am going to keep this one short as one can go on and on about this category.

Firstly, ask some local farmers if they have a disused pig arc in their fields that you can purchase and tidy up yourself this will save you so much money as I am shocked at the prices of pig arcs and it is an unnecessary cost.

Secondly, if you like doing a bit of DIY then those of you living in the Southwest will be pleased to know that Mole Avon sell the metal profile sheeting already bent for a snippet of the price and all you have to do is build the frame. To find your nearest store enquire at www.molevalleyfarmers.com

Thirdly, and my favourite garden sheds, there are some fantastic ones about and wood is a good insulator in winter and cool in summer. This is my next purchase when my beloved is on his next fishing expedition!

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