OSB Pigs Networking Event

The first ever South West Oxford Sandy & Black Pig Networking Get-Together took place this weekend (Saturday 28th March 2015) at The Jamaica Inn, just off the A30 in Cornwall.

This was an informal networking event for local breeders, enthusiasts or anyone even slightly interested in keeping Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs, to meet socially.

Richard Broad from the RBST attended to discuss the breeding and kinship, as OSB Pigs have now moved from category 5 to 4 on the watch list, meaning there are only between 300 and 500 breeding sows in the country.

Mrs Maureen Case, Chairlady for the OSB Pig Society was also present to answer any questions about the society.

We had 23 people turn up on the day and a fantastic time was had by all. Lot's of new contacts made, lots of help for those starting out, 2 new members for the OSB Society, and supply to fulfill orders for 9 weaners, 6 registered gilts and 2 registered boars found.

A BIG thank you to everyone who turned up!

Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs

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