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Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs

Kim Brook writes…

It was a couple of days of triumph! The First Rare Breed Show & Sale for the Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs Facebook Group was a huge success. It was born from an idea of members of the group and the interest was monumental in the decision making. So with five months in the making the show and sale went ahead on the 5 August with the sale happening on the 6 August with Voyce Pullin at Cirencester Market.

The Show had some wonderful entries with Mrs Dawn Stevens from the Kinecroft herd winning Champion with Kinecroft Cynthia 2 and the Reserve Champion went to Mr Clive Allcorn and Ms Angela Pratt from the Muddyfields herd with their sow Muddyfields Elsie 3. Judging was Mr Peter Colson (Manorfield herd) who comes from a generation who’s family has a firm dedication in preserving the heritage of our breed.

With over 30 entries consisting of Gilts, boars, sow in pig and fatteners the only hope was that the sale day would have attracted enough people to warrant a success. The event was posted on various facebook sites, tweeted, entered in various publications and mentioned on local radio stations, there was nothing more to be done but wait!

The sale day arrived, Saturday 6 August. We shared the day with the Gloucester Old Spots and the turnout was tremendous. The sales averaged around GBP200.00, with a January boar fetching GBP220.00

It goes without saying that the day would not have been a success without the support from AHDB Pork and the dedication and overwhelming participation to those that took the time to travel some great distance in support for this occasion. From as far as Ireland and The Netherlands they did come. There has been an overwhelming request for another to take place, so roll on next time!

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