West Devon County Show

The 17th May 2007, what a day to remember. We were greeted by the Oxford Sandy & Black Pig crowd, what lovely people they are and Henrietta and I had so much fun.

First ever Show

The West County Show held in Clyst St Mary in Exeter had a category just for Oxford Sandy & Black Pigs and how beautiful they all looked. We saw an Oxford Sandy & Black sow that was six and half years old who was owned by Maureen Case who won supreme champion, she must of stood about 3 foot at the shoulders so at least I know how tall Henrietta will become.

Our day was fantastic, although Henrietta had other ideas, as you will see from the video footage. The Oxford Sandy & Black Pigs where on at 09:30 hrs with the January Gilts showing at around 11:00 hrs, so Henrietta had to walk from her pen to the show ring which was about 80 yds, sounds simple doesn?t it ? boy oh boy. We had the show ring in our sights then Henrietta suddenly realised that the Oxford Sandy & Black Pig show would have to wait. With crowds of people and loud booming voices from the loud speaker it was all a recipe for disaster. She bolted off into the crowd, around the show ring and down to the other end of the pig pens, with a bit of sight seeing on the way! We realised that Henrietta was not going to enter the show ring via the original entrance so they made allowances and opened the barriers closer to the end where she was and with a final push and shove we got her in the show ring. There was a round of applause and bashing of sticks on boards with an announcement that the judge had made a decision; oh how unfair we had only got into the ring! The announcement changed to ?oh sorry ladies and gentlemen the Oxford Sandy & Black Pig show ring were merely applauding the last entry into the show ring!? How embarrassing! So the judging commenced we walked around show ring showing First ever Show off Henrietta?s best side to the judge, there were 8 January Oxford Sandy & Blacks Pigs in our class, all knew what they were doing but these January Oxford Sandy & Black pigs acted like little children running round misbehaving and having fun. All we had to do was to keep them in check, which we managed in a funny sort of way. We were suppose to be in the ring for 15 mins but then we learnt that the BBC wanted to film the Oxford Sandy & Black Pigs in the show ring so we had to parade a little longer. Then the Judge did his thing; we saw the first place rosette being presented, second place rosette being presented and then third; then the judge walked over to Henrietta and I with a yellow rosette! It was for fourth place!! How proud I was and very surprised as everybody cheered and clapped there hands and it was announced over the speaker that they had acknowledged that Henrietta and I were new to showing in the Oxford Sandy & Black Pig show and they wished us well and looked forward to seeing us again next year which I believe they will!

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