Pig Genetics Talk by Dr Rex Walters

Leading pig geneticist Dr Rex Walters was the guest speaker at Derby University, Enterprise Centre on 5th September 2015.

The event was a success where like minded people shared the day together captivated by Dr Rex Walters enlightening enthusiasm and knowledge! We all know the fundamentals of pig keeping, but what about the structure, the building blocks of the pigs' thought process, the genetic make up which effects their behaviour, colouration and build, how much is nature and how much is nurture; why they do what they do and what does it all mean.

Rex’s beginnings found him at Wye College (Imperial, University of London) where he studied Animal Science and then furthered his accomplishments of gaining a Master of Philosophy by research in pig genetics. If this wasn’t enough he then went on to achieve a Doctorate in 1984. After four years lecturing and doing research he was appointed as Livestock Geneticist with Unilever Agribusiness Group. His works did not go unnoticed when he was appointed by one of the global Pig Breeding Companies as Technical Director.

Rex is an adviser to several national and international organisations (including the British Pig Association) and is an appointed expert and observer in livestock breeding and biotechnology to the European Commission in Brussels.

Rex has published, and presented, more than 150 papers on pig breeding and genetics and is regularly invited to contribute in international seminars and conferences. He is particularly interested in the practical exploitation of genetics and genetic conservation.

We were also spoilt to have Jane Mathews who is a member of the BPA and is also the breed representative for the Oxford Sandy and Black pigs. Jane also sits on the BPA Pork Committee and Conservation Committee. Jane discussed the role of the BPA and the genepad scheme.

There was a broad spectrum of people from breeders, beginners to pig keeping, those that ran pig courses and veterinary students all of whom found it of great interest in aiding to improve their knowledge and gain further insight into what makes the perfect pig.

It is with thanks to the members of my facebook page that with their encouragement that I am inspired to do what I do. Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs FB page

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